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What is the project… Donating Leanne Pearce’s Breastfeeding Portraits -
breastfeed - Portraits with Purpose

Later this year the breastfeed paintings will be a crowd funding project to enable Leanne to donate her original breastfeeding portraits to hospitals and other appropriate organisations.
There are 13 original large scale portraits available (artwork can also be commissioned), 1 per organisations.

First Stage… Nominate your Setting

Do you know a hospital or appropriate organisation that could benefit from owning and exhibiting a portrait of mother and child which celebrates breastfeeding in all its glory? Proudly displayed; it will help make the statement and reinforce the message that breastfeeding is a positive, nutritious, precious and irreplaceable part of motherhood and a great start for babies.
The Nominate deadline has now passed. The successful venues will be announced shortly

Who will decide…

Leanne is working alongside a committee of professionals to decide on the chosen organisations who will receive the original breastfeeding portrait, namely:


  • Angela McConville CEO of The National Childbirth Trust

  • Amanda Durham Infant Feeding Specialist and Lactation Consultant

  • Professor Amy Brown Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, Swansea University

  • Emma Pickett Chair of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and Lactation Consultant

  • Dr. Minesh Khashu, Consultant Neonatologist, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Prof. of Perinatal Health, Bournemouth University.

  • Dr. Victoria Thomas Consultant General Paediatrician

How do you donate the project…
The crowdfunder campaign will be launched late 2020, you will be able to support the project from as little as £5. There will be lots of advantages to your pledge including receiving a signed publication - breastfeed - Portraits with Purpose, postcards and prints of the artwork too.

Follow the project…
Twitter @leanne_pearce_artist
Instagram @leanne_artist
for more info

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