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British artist, Leanne Pearce creates artwork which reveal various aspects of humanity through her tender and realistic portraiture. She focuses her artist attention on projects which have heart - work she refers to as Portraits with Purpose.

Her desire to celebrate early years, breastfeeding and parenthood has led her to be commissioned to work on a variety of projects namely Breastfeeding the Brave, Hearts Human Milk Bank and Family Hubs, Blackburn and Gateshead. 


Recently she has collaborated with families from St Oswalds Hospice and painted a collection of portraits of people who have passed away, in a piece titled Portraits with Purpose - Continuing Bonds, read more about it here


She has been on 3 nationally televised art competitions, once on ITV’s A Brush with Fame, where she reached the semi finals and twice on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year, most recently painting the Portrait of Jim Carter in 2022. 


Her work resides in public and private collections internationally. She lives and works from her home in Newcastle. 



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