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School  Portraits Project

Engaging school children and the learning enviroment

More art into schools is one of my passions, and Leanne's portrait project certainly delivers.

The Project

From the beginning of this project Leanne worked closely with the school; the Head and other teachers choose 7 pupils, who represented each year group, to be painted. She met the group and talked about her work and what the project entailed. She then took reference photographs. Back in her studio she began the work,  half way through the portraits she took them back into the school to paint live in front of all the children. They were able to see the painting process and ask questions about how she paints, her techniques, etc. 

During the painting of all the portraits she  recorded Timelapse’s and detailed videos of the process, which she made into a short film about the entire project, please scroll down to watch.

On completion she returned to the school to present the film and all the children saw the finished artwork in the flesh. Again they asked inquisitive and engaging questions.

The 7 portraits have now been installed in the foyer of the school, where they will be exhibited pride of place of many years to come.

If you would like Leanne to deliver this project or talk about a bespoke project tailored to the needs of your educational or community setting please contact me. Similarly if you would like to commission a portrait of your children, family or someone special please

get in touch.

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The Portraits

The Film

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