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Community Project


Portraits with Purpose - breastfeed



Leanne has many years experience in arts facilitation. She has worked with Stockton Council, Newcastle Council and Crisis Skylight and others on various projects with young people and adults from various backgrounds.


She has devised a programme to help celebrate and normalise breastfeeding in communities with low breastfeeding rates.

The programme includes a series of workshops with mums-

to-be and new breastfeeding mums. Within the programme Leanne creates a new series of portraits with purpose, alongside a booklet and short film (in association with Multiminded Films) about breastfeeding and the jorneys of the mums involved in the project.


This collection of artworks would then be exhibited in community venues and distributed where possible to educate and inform people about breastfeeding. The partcipants involved would be supported and enpowered to help spread the positive message

of celebrating and normalising this maternal act.


To discuss working with Leanne on the breastfeed community project please





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